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H.S Seniors/College Students

It's a big advantage for students to establish the link between college and careers to present themselves professionally. With a polished resume and an impressive linked in profile students feel confident connecting with professors, alumni, and new friends to build relationships that can be of benefit for years to come. We develop a personalized career plan unique to each student that can serve as a North Star for future academic, extracurricular and skill building decisions.

  • Assess interests, academics and skills

  • Make connections to career paths and job roles

  • Identify skill employers want and assess skills gaps

  • Educated client on where and how to acquire skills

  • Create a foundation of professional career assets

  • Develop a target list of "great fit" companies and job roles

Female Student

New College Grads

Let's be honest, it's all too common for new college graduates to be unemployed, underemployed, gigging, or working a dead-end job to pay the bills. We think too much time and effort was spent over 4+ years for this to be the result. Let us help create a plan for you to launch your career.

  • Planning

  • Positioning

  • Execution

  • Launch

  • Career Support

Young Professionals/Career Pivot

With over 90K hours spent at work and only 31% of all people happy in their jobs, the result is an average of 12 job changes in a career. Our assessment of the dismal stats is that people change jobs but never take enough time to discern why they are unhappy, what they really want (it;s not only $) and how their interests and skills can align with specific companies or products. Whether it's a career pivot or a job change in your same industry we can help you "peel the onion" as we call it to help you develop your identity, your preferences, companies, and roles that align with your goals.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Working with Career Onward gave me the tools and the confidence to reach my full potential as a recent college graduate and land my dream job. Lori not only supported me through the process but pushed me to make connections and learn to confidently network to form important relationships that will last into the future. I am so glad I made the decision to work with Career Onward.

Hadley K

Lori’s work is exceptional as she is highly communicative and incredibly knowledgeable about job searching techniques and tactics. She guided me towards several outlets and opportunities during my time as a client of hers that resulted in landing a job within my targeted timeframe. Additionally, she genuinely cares about each client’s success and well-being, making it a joy to work with her. I highly recommend Lori and Career Onward to any student, new graduate, or career-pivoting individual.

Christina O.


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