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What Our Clients Are Saying


Working with Career Onward gave me the tools and the confidence to reach my full potential as a recent college graduate and land my dream job. Lori not only supported me through the process but pushed me to make connections and learn to confidently network to form important relationships that will last into the future. I am so glad I made the decision to work with Career Onward.

Hadley K. - University of Texas


When I came to Lori I had only a vague idea of the kind of job that I wanted. Using a highly personalized approach, Lori provided me with a great amount of insight into the working world, and I was able to clearly define my career goals. From there, she helped me build up my interviewing and communication skills, and tailor my resume and cover letters to the positions that I wanted. I wouldn’t have been able to land my new job without her.

Cameron C. - University of Texas


Lori helped me determine the career path that was the best for me. She educated me on the job search process so I was organized and could take the necessary steps to achieve my goals.  She was always available to talk and help me out with interview preparation and with everything else.  Lori was a huge help to me and put me in the right places for success.

Joey V. - University of Arkansas


Lori is amazing at what she does and has made the career search and everything that goes into it so easy. She guides you through every step in finding a job. She not only helped me build a killer resume and cover letter, but also helped me improve my email and interview skills. I couldn’t have landed my dream job in NYC without her. She is a joy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone!

Gayle B. - University of Texas


Lori’s work is exceptional as she is highly communicative and incredibly knowledgeable about job searching techniques and tactics. She guided me towards several outlets and opportunities during my time as a client of hers that resulted in landing a job within my targeted timeframe. Additionally, she genuinely cares about each client’s success and well-being, making it a joy to work with her. I highly recommend Lori and Career Onward to any student, new graduate, or career-pivoting individual.

Christina O. - Texas State University


I was completely lost on where to start when looking for an internship that was outside of a college’s career fair. I’m so thankful I fell into the arms of Career Onward! They know all the ins and outs, and the dos and don’ts to help you feel confident, prepared, and professional throughout each step of this process. They understood exactly what I was looking for in an internship and gave me plenty of companies to look into, both large and small. The interview preparation allowed me to approach each interview with full confidence and gave me a platform that I will use as I start my professional life. The personal help they offer is unmatched and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process, and I plan to use them again when job hunting.

Ben M. - Texas A&M University


Lori is absolutely excellent at what she does and accepts nothing but exceptional results for her clients. Since I worked with Lori from Indiana, we communicated via phone for the majority of the time. Despite our lack of face-to-face communication, I really felt like I got to know Lori on a personal level. She is extremely professional yet personable, which makes it easy for her clients to trust and confide in her regarding their professional concerns.  I would highly recommend Lori to any recent graduate who would benefit from guidance in their job search process.

Emma P. - DePauw University


Thank you so much for your patience and wisdom. I could not have landed this job without you.  Your guidance through this process was critical. I am so excited to be in San Francisco with such a well regarded firm.

Zach F. - Santa Clara University


Working with Lori has opened so many possibilities for my career pivot. She gave me the confidence  & tools to work towards my goals and I successfully obtained the role that we targeted.

Daisy O. - Ohio State University

Will Duke.jpg

Thank you so much for taking me through the whole recruitment process. I’ve learned so much about myself throughout the year and am super appreciative of all your help. Definitely made a monumental difference!

Will D. - University of Texas


Lori is a great personable and professional woman who helped me land a job in 6 weeks! Her passion and desire to help others achieve their goals is shown throughout her work. I was impressed with her ability to make me feel as if I was her most important client. I would be lost without her positivity and guidance throughout the job hunting experience. Lori was with me through the entire process from interview to job offer to phone calls on the first day of my new job. I now have skills that I will carry with me throughout my life. I had a great time getting to know her and would recommend her to any and all students and recent graduates.

Katie H. - Texas State University


Lori was extremely professional throughout the entire process. I learned so much from her and she is excellent at what she does! She was very effective in figuring out the best way to present myself on paper and in person, and she made me feel much more confident in myself. She’s extremely passionate about her work, and that’s what makes her a wonderful person to work with. She empowered me with the right tools to succeed and get the job!

Maxine O. - Boston College, University of Texas Health Center, Houston


The improvements Lori helped me make to my resume, LinkedIn, and interviewing style were enormous, but perhaps the most valuable attribute that Lori gave me was confidence going into the big interview. Between university studies and starting a career there is a “gap” that every student has to try to cross and it can be daunting. The lack of structure of the whole process caused me a lot of anxiety. Lori helped me close that gap by being a reliable source of information and giving structure to a process that previously lacked it. Without Lori, I don’t think I would be interning with Goldman Sachs this summer.

Alex V. - University of Texas

Caroline Phillips.jpg

I am not sure where I would be if I did not have Lori’s guidance. She has helped me find a career path and aided in successfully finding my dream internship. Overall, she has been a loyal and compassionate mentor. I trust her advice completely and am eternally grateful for her presence in my life.

Caroline P. - University of Texas


Lori is an excellent career coach who will not only help you find your dream job, but will also give you the tools necessary to be successful. She focuses mainly on college students transitioning to the real world and is able to relate problems with her own experiences. I highly recommend Lori to anyone looking for a personable expert in the career coaching field.

Sam D. - Texas Christian University


Lori is truly an expert in her field! Lori helped me land an internship at a top-tier company in New York City by using her immense knowledge and expertise to refine my resume, build highly sought-after skills, and strategically target my top companies. Lori is not only thorough and professional, but also incredibly kind and understanding – is was a pleasure to work with her.

Gabrielle B. - University of Texas


Before I began working with Career Onward, I was so worried about my post-graduation employment opportunities. Lori helped me create a very targeted and detailed plan for the location and specific type of job I wanted. She devoted so much time and energy to truly understand me and my career aspirations. Without her help, I would have never been able to secure my dream post-college job in my favorite city!

Shreya B. - University of Texas


Lori MacNeill is a true professional and wanted my best interest every step of the way. I would recommend her to anyone!

Carson H. - Texas Christian University


Career Onward was a great company to use to help me get my summer internship. Lori and her team helped me to successfully stay on track and hit all application deadlines, build my resume and LinkedIn account, and discover what companies would best fit my future career goals.

Anna W. - University of Texas


Career Onward has made the daunting process of securing my dream job seem manageable! It’s a competitive world, and Career Onward gives you an incredible advantage: applicable, innovative and proven business skills.

Rachel W. - University of Texas


Lori suggested I build a robust personal brand on professional social media platforms so HR would associate me with social media – my passion. This significantly increased my profile views and I’m now working at a start-up in China creating a social network for girls.

Camilla Y. - Tonjii University


Thank you so much for all your help in my job hunting process. You helped me create a plan, kept me on track and provided me with all the resources I needed to land my dream job! Forever grateful and can’t wait to keep in touch.

Piper V. - University of Texas


Lori not only helped me find my ideal job, salary and career path, but she also gave me confidence and knowledge I will use throughout the rest of my career. From learning the basics such as resume and cover letter writing to the nitty-gritty offer and salary negotiation, Lori guided me through the process with compassion. I think everyone could benefit from Career Onward’s services. The stress of my job search was tremendously reduced, and the lessons I learned are invaluable.

Hannah L. - University of Texas


Well into my Junior year of college I turned to Lori in desperate need of future guidance. Right away she got things started and I even landed the internship of my dreams by February. I was so impressed and grateful for Lori’s complete dedication to my case as well as her extensive knowledge in the area. Her passion for her work shines through every step of the process, and she ultimately helped me to be more confident in myself and my future.

Alexandra F. - University of Texas

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